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Our Story


After many years of being faithful to my church and Christian label, but also being abandoned due to the dogma of religion. Loving the Lord and all his glory, but having nowhere to worship and praise--pierced my soul. I had no alter to pray and show gratitude, nowhere to congregate and share successful energy. Nowhere to glorify my King without rules that had nothing to do with the Power of God!


I went on a journey of hearing, praying, fasting, worshipping, and growing only to find Peace in The Kingdom. We, the metaphysical community, needed a place of sanctuary, and here it is! We look to service most--if not all--of the metaphysical needs that align with one’s healing. We are a growing community that seeks a corner of the world that caters to our needs--without feeling that we will be condemned to hell--but welcomed into the Kingdom of God!



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